Taurus Rear Adjustable Sight PT92,58,100 White Dot

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Taurus Rear Adjustable Sight PT92,58,100 White Dot

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Rear Adjustable Sight Taurus PT92,58,100 White Dot


This is a Rear Fully Adjustable sight, White Two Dot, for the Taurus Models PT92, 58, 100. This sight uses the original Taurus stock front sight and sits low profile when mounted. Additional wrenches are included in the package. These are LPA brand sights that come from Italy, they are top quality. The rear sight is fully adjustable, for elevation and windage, so you may adjust it in any way for your liking to correct your pistols point of impact. The sight set is made of steel construction, Not plastic. These sights use the original dovetails/slots on the pistol slide. These are the best sights on the market today to improve your pistols sighting. LPA Part Number TPU29TS30. Brought to you by Fusion