Main Spring Officer #19

Main Spring Officer #19

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Main Spring Officer #19
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Mainspring for the 1911 pistol. Made in the USA from the best available materials and processes. This is a 19 lb Main Spring for Officer or Micro main spring housing. Most 1911 pistols will operate well with spring # down in the upper teens. Caution must alway be taken when using lighter spprings and alway rack slide, with the pistol EMPTY to insure that the hammer will not tavel forward with the slide. This Occurrence is rare, but it can happen. You should repeat the slide racking 7 to 10 time to insure pistol is safe. Slide racking should be done with finger off of the trigger and allow slide to slam forward in battery under its own spring weight. Do not slow it down with your hand. If you encounter hammer fall, consult a gunsmith or contact Fusion Firearms for advice