Glock 17-41 , LPA Fully Adjustable Sight Set - Luminova Night Sights

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Glock 17-41 , LPA Fully Adjustable Sight Set - Luminova Night Sights

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LPA Fully Adjustable Luminova Night Sight Set for Glocks (17-41)


LPA Fully adjustable, LUMINOVA Night sight set for the GLOCK 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and From 25 through 41 Pistols & ALL Clones. This is a direct replacement sight for the fixed sight models. The rear sight is designed in the "low profile" configuration for easy holstering and makes for a great target, combat, or concealment sight. It is a great replacement sight, allowing you to fine tune "Point of impact" to your liking. They are manufactured with precision machined components for fine and positive click adjustments and are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The dovetail rear sight bases have locking screws which allow for secure retention in the slide dovetail. High quality steel construction. includes sights, & wrenches. The Luminova compound is installed at laboratories in Switzerland and makes for a very bright and well- defined night sight. Much more clear/defined and brighter than any tritium products and last decades longer. The sealed ceramic phosphorus compound is the same that is use on aircraft dashboards, and other critical applications needing light emitting. In-addition, the compound is also easily seen in all lighting condition and gives a defined yellowish/green shooting dot for day shooting. This is one of the best, most long lasting and fully defined Night & Day sighting system we have ever used.