Fusion E-6 - 1911 Long Slide

Fusion E-6 - 1911 Long Slide

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The Fusion Firearms Premier Series E-6 Model is a custom grade long-slide, Six inch 1911 pistol chambered in 45 ACP. It was designed as a finely hand crafted, long range, target/hunting pistol. The E-6 incorporates all of the most modern and high quality features and options in a “Custom Grade” 1911 pistol at a very reasonable price-point.. The E-6 pistol is individually hand built in our Fusion Custom Shop to the same high tolerances that our full custom builds are.

All Fusion Firearms Premier Series pistols start with a forged frame, slide and barrel. The remainders of the parts are either forged, bar-stock or investment cast; then CNC machined, heat- treated and then hand fit to exacting tolerances. All of the parts used to build these pistols have been field tested and have a proven record for dependability and quality. We use the same parts in the Premier Series as we use in our individual “custom specific” hand built pistols.

The frame and slide on all the Premier Series start out with all forged stainless steel construction and machined and heat-treated to the highest industry standards. The stainless steel parts are then De-horned and then over coated in our ceramic “Yukon” Coating, to make a more durable and scratch resistant surface. Then the sides of the slide are polished and small accent parts brushed polished to give a very classy and professional look to these pistols.

All of the Premier Series are Colt style, 70 Series design and are professionally gunsmith built and individually hand fitted to rock solid specifications. All of the Premier Series pistols also come with a full action job, reliability package and tuning package included. Test-fired casing are also included with each pistol.

You will not find a better value in a high end performance American Made, 1911; Built here in the Beautiful State of Florida, USA.

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The Fusion E-6 a full Six inch Long Slide pistol chambered in 45 acp. It was designed as a finely hand crafted, long range, target/hunting pistol. The E-6 is an enjoyable premium pistol package with all the features a “high-end” shooter would want for long range target or hunting applications. It comes equipped with a fully adjustable Bomar style rear match/target sight and with our Fiber optic front sight. This sight combination is outstanding for refined target shooting and hunting applications. In-addition, the sight cuts are standard Bomar rear dovetail and standard Novak style front, so changing sights is not a hassle. All of the parts are nicely de-horned and conditioned before the finishing applications. Other standard fine options included in this model are:

  • Forged stainless steel frame, slide and match barrel
  • Ceramic ”Yukon Coat” over-coated frame and slide
  • Hand fitted frame, slide and match barrel assembly
  • 25 LPI Checkering front and checkered Mag-Well mainspring housing
  • The stainless match quality barrel is flush-cut and target-crowned
  • Fancy fine top slide serrations with reveal
  • Match trigger group, fully tuned action job
  • Full reliability package
  • Tuned, bar-stock extractor and ejector
  • Combat length bar-stock Mag catch
  • Pro-Series slide release, with frame counter sunk and pin flush-cut
  • Stainless steel GI style guide rod system
  • Full De-horning and parts conditioning/blending complete
  • Beveled magazine well edges
  • Pro-Series Mag-Well mainspring housing
  • Combat sight set
  • Hand Select AAA+ Exotic Hardwood Cocobolo mag-well cut grips
  • Hard Case included
  • Maintenance Tool Set included with extra recoil spring kit
  • Lifetime warranty

General Specification

  • Height: 5.5"
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Length: 9.6"
  • Weight: 41.8 oz.
  • 6" Barrel Length