Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I buy a handgun online?

    Yes, You can purchase handguns, Frames and Base kits online, You just need to have any item with a serial number drop-shipped to your local FFL Dealer for your pick-up and transfer. 
  2. Will my purchase ship directly to me?

    Any part or assembly, without a serial number, can be shipped directly to you, but all firearms, frames and kits must ship to a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer. We can use any local dealer in your area. Be sure to contact the Dealers business prior to requesting your item ship to their address to make arrangements for them to accept your order. 
  3. What are my Shipping Options?

    We ship most items USPS first class mail or priority mail service. If you would like other shipping arrangements; UPS or Fedex. We can ship Expedited services; overnight Express USPS, or UPS or FEDEX. You can use these services by clicking on the shipping option at check-out. 
  4. What is involved with ordering a Custom Build?

    At Fusion our custom builds are "Truly Custom" and hand built one at a time, just for you. We generally start by working with the customer over emails and phone calls to understand what he or she is looking for in a finely crafted 1911 pistol. We share ideas of the application for the pistol, the" look" of the pistol and the customers budget and from this information we then create a "bill of materials" that lists all the features of the desired pistol. The "bill of materials" will serve as a base-line for the custom pistol build. So if you are interested in something special built for you, send us an email or give us a call and we can start the process for you to review a "bill of materials" made just for you. 
  5. How long does a Custom Build take?

    This will depend upon the options and make-up of the "bill of materials". Most new builds generally take about 5 to 6 months, some sooner and some longer. Again, this will depend upon the options and features. 
  6. What is the turn-around time for Custom Services?

    This will depend on what services are being done and you should email our Sales or Service email address for and estimate. 
  7. Does Fusion Firearms accept returns?

    Yes, but all returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. There are no exceptions except for warranty returns 
  8. What is Fusion Firearms' warranty?

    On parts... All Fusion parts are warrantied for lifetime on materials and workmanship. All Parts are sold without any legal written warranty. No liability is expressed or implied for incidental or consequential damage or injury which may result from the improper use or installation of any parts sold or produced by Fusion Firearms, Fusion Precision Engineering LLC. Our parts are intended to be installed by a qualified gunsmith, and parts and firearms sold by us are only intended for factory specification standard velocity ammunition. Any verbal representations made by us related to installation, should be confirmed with your gunsmith to assure safe operation in your particular firearm. On Handguns... We fully warranty all of our firearms for materials and workmanship and it is a lifetime warranty for the original owner. We will also take special care of anyone needing services for a used fusion pistol, contact us for details. If you ever need service on your Fusion firearm, we are here for you. It doesn't matter what the reason is, how old it is, or whether you are the original owner, we are here to help you. We fully warranty all of our firearms for materials and workmanship. On Service... All Fusion Services are warrantied for lifetime on materials and workmanship. Normal finish and spring rate wear is not warrantied. 
  9. Can I buy a firearms as a gift?

    Yes, You can purchase a firearm, Frames and Base kits online as a gift. You just need to have any item with a serial number drop-shipped to your local FFL Dealer for your pick-up and legal transfer. 
  10. What accessories can I buy from Fusion Firearms?

    You can buy any parts or accessories from us and have them shipped directly to you. Frames and firearms must be shipped to an FFL for pick-up.