Building your own 1911 Pistol – First decisions to make

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 1:50:43 PM America/New_York

Building your own 1911 – First decisions to make

Web Announcement

Ok Folks, I have dialed in where to start the more elaborate 1911 Tech posts and the starting block will be: Building your own 1911 – First decisions to make. We will start the 1911 Tech from here because many items we will review, in the decision making and the actual building processes, will go along with many other upgrades/applications to just about all 1911 pistols regardless of make or model. There will be 3 main components of the Tech tips:

  1. We will announce the tips on our Facebook channels, Forums, instagram and our Blog.

  2. We will publish a full write-up of “How to” on our BLOG site at

  3. We will shot a detail YouTube video on the Tip to incorporate

We will update you soon of the progress and postings…. Feel Free to leave comments, we love to see the feed-back from you all.  Thanks again and have a great day!!.... Bob,

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