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Friday, September 30, 2016 5:08:44 PM America/New_York

For this week’s eye-candy we have a Kit build that will follow over the next several months. This is a Fusion Pre-Fitted Base Kit in stainless steel 1911 Officers configuration. We build these on the same benches our Custom pistol come off of. This one is a special Project for Master Engraver and Craftsman, Britt Berden. Britt wanted to start his engraving masterpiece with this Fusion Pro-Series Stainless Officers size base kit. As you will see the Fusion Base kits come with superbly fitted, Frame, Slide, Barrel, Slide stop and Guide rod assembly. Taking out most of the frustrations many folks haves in building their own 1911 and giving a pleasurable build experience. In Addition, custom options such as press-check cuts, fancy top serrations, ejector installation, plunger tube installation, barrel flush-cut and target-crowning ….etc, can be added to your 1911 dream build. We will continue to post the build of this pistol and Britt’s custom engraving project to see how it all unfolds into a spectacular engraved Masterpiece. The pictures you see are the raw parts getting many various manufacturing operations done to them as we fit and build up the kit. The blending and polishing will come at a late post. Thanks again for all the super support and Enjoy your Day from the Fusion Family!!

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Jordan Blair

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