Building your own 1911: Basic Bench tools

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 9:48:17 AM America/New_York

Fusion firearms ‘Basic hand tool list” for this 1911 Build session are:

  1. Ball peen hammers, and small and medium weight hammers for pinching pin, installing sights…etc.
  2. Soft face hammer: Poly or rubber faced, non=marking hammer.
  3. Pin Punches, a set of standard pin punches with 1/16”, 3/32 and 1/8”. You will use thee sizes the most.
  4. Soft punch, Nylon or brass soft punches, Poly preferred.
  5. Prick pinch… Optional for staking sights.
  6. Bench Block or roll of masking tape to rest your frame or slide on while working.
  7. Felt Bobbins, round and flame style. For feed ramp and barrel throat polishing.
  8. Polishing compound for the bobbins.
  9. Fusion barrel throating kit
  10. Rotary tool, for use with bobbins, throating kit…etc. Great aid in polishing and blending.
  11. Scribe, Metal scribe “All-A-Round” tool, many uses as shown in the video clip.
  12. Cleaning kit.
  13. Gun oil/lubricant
  14. Rags for cleaning
  15. Cleaning patches
  16. Hand chamfer tool, to de-burr hole edges
  17. Barrel wrench
  18. Screw drivers, small tip for mag-catch lock and medium for grip screw bushings, grip screws….etc.
  19. Allen wrench set for trigger adjustment, locking down sights, some grip screws, mag-well bottoms and 2 piece guide rods.
  20. Torx wrenches if you have torx screws
  21. Loctite 272 Red for Grip screw bushings
More to come and we hope you enjoy our instructional videos and write-ups. Keeping the tradition of craftsmanship alive…

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