1911 Barrel Basics

Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:13:44 AM America/New_York

This week's 1911 Tech-Tip, we look at the standard barrel ramp configurations. We get folks calling in for barrels, but many don't seem to know what type of ramp configuration they have.

There are 3 common barrel configurations for ramps.
  1. Standard (non-ramped)
  2. Wilson / Nowlin style ramp
  3. Clark / Para style ramp

  4. It is quite easy to diagnose which ramp you have by simply looking at the pictures above:
    The Standard barrel basically has no ramp below the barrel feed lips.
    The Wilson / Nowlin style will be a "square shelf" base with a ramp integral to the barrel feed lips.
    The Clark / Para style ramp will be a "radii" base with a ramp integral to the barrel feed lips.
Fusion Firearms offers all of these configurations in our "Ultra Match Grade" 1911 barrels.

If you need technical support in choosing the correct barrel or have questions on any other of our parts or services, please:
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