New 2011 Triggers introduced

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 3:02:02 PM America/New_York

Today Fusion Firearms Introduces 2 NEW 2011 Wide-Body triggers. These Adjustable triggers are manufactured with a Stainless Steel Adjustable Bow and Lightweight Aluminum trigger shoe. They are currently available in 2 shoe styles, a 3-Hole and a Flat-K style. The trigger assembly includes trigger stop screw and wrench. Bow is adjustable with bendable tabs so that you can fit the bow to your liking. Will work with STI 2011 frames and clones. …. Thanks again for all the super support and have a great day form the Fusion Family. >>> See our great line-up of 1911 “Professional Gunsmith” parts(WITH OVER 3,000 SKU’s), Pistols, 80%, kits, Freedom 1911 Pistols and fine services
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Rachel Serva

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