Featured Gun of the Week 3-4-2017

Friday, March 3, 2017 10:00:09 AM America/New_York

Fusion Firearms, Custom Shop Pro-Series, 10mm Long-Slide Hunter model

ready for field. For this Custom build we focused on a rugged hunting pistol with a match lock-up and finished for enjoyable hunting. Many of our 10mm customers use these pistols on wild boar, Deer and we even have one D.E.C. Officer that uses them for Elk. Yes, hard to believe, Elk, but true. This 1911, 70 series pistol was Hand Crafted as all of our Customs builds, "One at a time". Complete care is taken to de-horn and condition all parts before the finishing process is applied. Attention to detail and craftsmanship is the priority in any well crafted pistol. This pistol incorporates the Fusion Pro-Series Forged Frame and Slide, match stainless ramped, 10mmbarrel, Flush-cut and target crowned. Then the pistol is finished in our Black Shield Nitor-Melonite "Extreme Duty" finish. This finish is one of the best available for wear resistance and rugged duty use. The Slide is topped off with our Fancy fine top slide serrations with reveal and our Trijicon tritium Bomar style adjustable sight package. Other Options; Mag-well, Checkered front and back, Fusion full-length guide rod system, combat extended Mag catch, and counter sunk slide stop frame hole and flush-cut slide stop pin. Pistol is completely dehorned, tested, tuned and reliability job included. Trigger is set at a very nice clean & crisp 4.0 pound. MADE IN THE USA. Thanks again for all the supper support!! Keeping the Tradition of Craftsmanship Alive.

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Jordan Blair

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