The 1911, to grease or not?

Monday, December 17, 2018 9:48:00 AM America/New_York

The Colt 1911: To grease or not to grease

I get asked all the time from folk's:

"Should I use grease on my 1911?"

Well, I am not a fan of using grease as a lubricant on any 1911. There are many good reasons not to use grease.

The main reason is that grease is sticky and just adds a slick for debris to accumulate.

I have seen many guns that have malfunctioned from grease imbedded with unburnt powder, Copper shavings, dog hair, tree-bark..etc. that have impeded the firearm from functioning properly.

In-addition, the lighter calibers, such as the 9mm, grease will just clog-up the slide increasing resistance. This will generally lead to sluggish slide action, and cause troubles such as slide short stroking, and from the short-stroking; poor ejection and feeding. I have fixed many firearms in my day that just needed a good cleaning and some proper TLC. But stay away from the grease and stay tuned for Bob's favorite lubricants for the 1911 in the next Tech-Tip!

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