The 1911 Long-Slide Part 1

Thursday, May 5, 2016 10:36:38 AM America/New_York

Hi Folks, From Bob’s 1911 Bench (FB) to follow up on the Fusion 6 inch Long-slide offerings. There are several items to consider when working on a 6 inch build. The first questions to ask are A) Application/ Hunting, target, recreational, presentation, B) Frame size -single stack or double stake & C) Tactical frame or Non-tactical frame, & D) Then the Caliber you want. There are many decisions to make when looking at a new pistol. So we can start here. Pictured here are some examples of the Single stacks in the traditional Non-Tactical frame configurations... I will post some additional Caliber details and then follow on with the Tactical models next, then double stacks after that. We can move into more specifics as we discuss this topic of the 6 inch 1911 Long-slides..... Keeping the Tradition of Craftsmanship Alive.... See our Gallery for more great Long-Slide Eye Candy
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Bob Serva

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