1911 / 1913 Retro Colt WW1 Slide

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1911 / 1913 Retro Colt WW1 Slide

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1913 Retro Colt WW1 Slide
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We have been asked by many of our customers to start suppling parts for their 1913, WWI Copy RETRO builds. So we have worked hard to reproduce exacting specification of the original 1913 Colt and bring the parts out for availability to our customers. These parts are manufactured to accurately reproduce the iconic 1913 Colt Model and to look and feel the same as the 1911 pistols built during WWI. The frame: has been reproduced with the same grip radii, hole specifications and mag opening bottom. The Slide: has the same 1913 Colt front sight pin hole and rear mil spec sight cut, original 19113 disconnector slot/counter-bore, Cocking serrations, Ejection port and milled radii. All reproduced to give you the original attributes of the WWI 1911 Colt pistol. All parts are made in the U.S.A.