1911 Slide, 5-Inch, GOV 40 S&W Standard - Carbon - BALD

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1911 Slide, 5-Inch, GOV 40 S&W Standard - Carbon - BALD

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  • Product:1911 Colt style slide, 5 inch Government, Round Top, Colt 70 series

  • Length: 5.0 inch Gov

  • Material: 4140 Carbon steel, Bar-Stock billet

  • Caliber: 40S&W/10mm Breech Face

  • Cocking Serrations: None

  • Sight Cuts: None

  • Finish: None, oil dipped

SKU: DIA-SL-40-5-0-0


Fusion Diamond Series, 5.0" Government Slide, 1911 Colt style Slide, completely machined. Our Diamond Series slides are precision CNC machined from solid 4140 Bar-stock and all heat-treatments completed. These slides are supplied "in the white", matte finish and oil dipped. The firing pin holes on all diamond series slides and top ends are machined to take the 9mm / 38 super firing pin, as with all high grade slides. This slide has the 9mm breech face cut so will work with all of the 45 cartridge groups, 45 acp, 45 Super, 400 Corbon ...etc