1911 Commander 4.25 Inch Barrel Selector - Ultra Match Grade

1911 Commander 4.25 Inch Barrel Selector - Ultra Match Grade

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100% American Made Barrels

Note: Barrels will come engraved with corresponding caliber
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Fusion Firearms, NEW (UMG) “Ultra Match Grade”, 1911 “Match Pistol Barrels

Fusion Firearms, The industries leader in 1911 pistol Innovation, is now offering the worlds largest and most versatile selection of 1911 barrel variations. Making available to our customer base some 300+ new 1911 barrel part numbers, from defender length to 7 inch in Bull barrel, Conventional and threaded Variations. The Fusion (UMG) Match barrels are Totally Precision Crafted here in the USA. From the Certified grade Stainless Steel used to produce these barrels to the 100% Air-gaged bore quality, these barrels are now the new standard of “Ultra-Match Grade” precision 1911 pistol barrels. Manufacturing Manufacturing of the Fusion Firearms “UMG” 1911 Match grade barrels starts with 416R Certified Stainless steel(eddystone verified, Rifle grade), Gun drilled, reamed, Precision broached Cut Rifled, Hand honed and Air-gaged bores, accu-bored chambers, all precision cnc machined and manufactured with basic fitting points on the back of the hood and bottom of feet, so that most folks with a hand file can precision fit for lock-up and superior accuracy. The “UMG” barrels are available in a .696” diameter cone bull barrel, and a .581 Boss Diameter end. In addition, the .581 Barrel Boss is precision turned to a length that the 6 standard barrels can be cut back to 5 inch or commander, giving the gunsmith a very precise and flexible barrel platform to work with. These barrel are also available with the standard government barrel foot profile or the shorter commander.

Heat Treatment: Stress relieve and heat treat, Vacuum Harden (38-42 HRC), Vacuum Temper.

Calibers: The 4.25" Commander Ultra Match Grade Barrels can come in: 10mm, 357 Sig, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 45acp, & 9mm.

Ramps The Fusion Firearms “UMG” 1911 barrels are available in standard barrel configuration, Wilson/Nowlin Ramped & Clark/Para Ramped barrel configurations.

Gunsmithing Barrels Also available are our Gunsmith fit style full bull barrel blank in a 6 and 7 inch configuration. The 7 inch is available in the Colt Government Foot Profile, and the basic Full Length bull barrel diameter is .696” which is standard for all Colt Style Bull barrel configurations. This barrel is 7.120”in length, long enough so that it can be turned back to 6 inch, 5 inch GOV or any desired length. These barrels are accentually compete, with minor fitting points on the back of the hood and bottom of feet, so that most folks with a hand file and Emory cloth can precision fit for lock-up and superior accuracy. These blanks are great for custom projects such as threading, Fluting, Venting …etc. Barrel hood is engraved with Fusion Match and Caliber on chambered barrels, on NON-Chambered barrels, the hood is not engraved. Manufactured Entirely in the USA!

What Makes these Barrels Special and Precise:

  • Available in: 10mm, 357 Sig, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 45acp, & 9mm
  • Certified US 416R Rifle Grade Stainless Steel
  • Precision CNC machining
  • Hand honed Bores
  • Twist rate 9mm, 38 super, 357Sig, 9x23 = 1:10
  • Twist rate 45acp, 40S&W/10mm = 1:16
  • Match grade Precision button rifling
  • Air gaged bores and rifling
  • Accu-bored Chambers and Hand honed
  • Simple fitting points on back of hood and barrel foot (will drop in tightly in many production manufactured 1911’s)
  • Available in bull and standard bushing barrel configurations
  • Available in standard Mil style, Wilson/Nowlin and Para/Clark Ramp configurations
  • Full .055 top locking Lug cut dimensions
  • Fully and Completely MADE IN THE USA

Machining Extractor Slot -This cut is generally not needed for most 1911 pistols. The Extractor Clearance cut will generally only be needed on external extractor pistols and some long extractors. Generally the front of the extractor can be filed down to give proper clearances. But, if you wish to have the clearance cut added to the barrel we give you that option to have it machined before shipping.

Fitting Your Ultra Match Grade Barrel

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Best barrels available with largest selection of calibers
This is the 8th UMG barrel I have purchased, mainly Commander, but also Gov. and 6". Relatively easy to get a match fit and most of my barrels shhot <1" at 25 yards. Easier to get the proper fit that with match fit barrels costing significantly more. Most caliber options. Almost as easy as getting the right bushing, fitting the barrel hood and finding the right link.
Review by James / (Posted on 10/4/2018)
Great Product
this is the third barrel i have purchased from fusion and they never disappoint, fitting was great, exactly what i expected.
Review by John H / (Posted on 11/6/2017)